What Is An Effective Addiction Treatment Program?

Addiction to substances comes up as a result of uncontrolled use of substances such as drugs and alcohol. Effective addiction treatment programs were established by medical societies to provide guidance and treatment from addiction. Substance addiction has been on the rise and serious bodily conditions and complications come up as a result of lack of immediate medical care. The process of battling addiction differs from one individual to the other and the addiction treatment programs offered have specifications for the same.

The effective addiction treatment program offered in the addiction treatment centers are done in two main stages, the detox and the rehab stages. Treatment programs don’t have a set duration and can go on from several days to many months, depending on the gravity of the addiction. During these programs, individuals are treated individually as they are affected differently by the addiction.

An effective addiction treatment program is used to ensure that the needs of the patients are met. The treatment programs available are:

What Is An Effective Addiction Treatment Program?

Detox Treatment Programs – Detox programs usually make up part of the first treatment procedures during the process of recovery from substance addiction. These programs take a few days or weeks to complete. Detox programs are useful in that they are put into action to help patients be free from substance reliance and dependence by cleansing the body off all the substances. Detox programs are mainly offered as part of inpatient programs and are one of the medical recommendations during treatment.

Inpatient or Residential Treatment Programs – Inpatient recovery programs are mainly funded by the federal government but are also offered in private drug addiction treatment centers. Residential treatment programs are mainly recommended for those with severe substance addiction problems. It requires the patient to stay in the treatment facility while under supervision and care from the medical staff.

Once a patient has been established to be of sound mental and physical health, they are moved to another part of the facility where they receive more treatment based on their understanding of how the substances have impacted their lives and their willingness to get better. The inpatient treatment programs usually run for a period of several months and, in some cases, several years.

Outpatient Treatment Programs – During an outpatient recovery program, patients stay in their homes and come in for treatment at particular times of the day or some days of the week. This is possible to those patients whose condition isn’t severe and they can still work while receiving treatment. These programs take several months.

Therapeutic Community Treatment Programs – This kind of substance addiction treatment handles addiction through psychological health. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is part of these programs and uses the 12-step recovery process. These therapeutic programs last for a period between several months to about two years depending on the patient receiving treatment. An effective addiction treatment program needs one to be patient as they go through treatment to get the best results.

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