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Excessive intake of drugs, alcohol, and other substances often results in addiction. Medical societies in America and all over the world had to come up with effective addiction treatment programs which provide the best procedures for treatment and recovery from addiction. The problem of addiction to substances has been on the rise over the last couple of years. It is a serious condition which can lead to the development of serious bodily complications. To prevent this from happening, there is a need to seek immediate medical care, which is well guided using the treatment programs.

An effective addiction treatment program will be offered in the substance abuse and addiction treatment centers which have been established in every state in the United States. These treatment programs are mainly formed in two stages, which are the detox and the rehab stages. The duration for which the treatment programs run depends on the extent of addiction an individual is suffering. The treatment programs can run for a period between several days to a few months and, at times, a few years. Treatment is usually specialized due to the fact that addiction affects different individuals in different ways.

Effective Addiction Treatment Program

There are several addiction treatment programs which have been found to be very effective and are in use in addiction treatment centers. These treatment programs are:

  1. Detox Treatment ProgramsSubstance Addiction Detox programs are usually carried out first during the process of treatment from addiction to substances. The detox treatment usually takes several days or perhaps weeks depending on the severity of addiction. These programs are quite helpful as they free the patient from substance dependence and tolerance by removing all the substance toxins from the body. The detox treatment programs are offered during inpatient treatment and might at times require the application of medical drugs to facilitate a successful detox.
  2. Therapeutic Community Programs – This is the kind of treatment that takes care of the addiction psychologically. Such programs might include the Alcoholics Anonymous program which puts to use the 12-step recovery process in treatment. The patients also are taken through a series of counseling sessions by the psychiatrists and counselors who are in these centers. These therapeutic community programs can last for a period ranging from a few months to about two years.
  3. Outpatient Treatment Programs – During outpatient substance abuse treatment programs, patients usually stay in their homes and report for treatment at specific times of the day during the week. For those whose addiction is not severe, this is the best option as it allows them to receive treatment while carrying on with their lives. Outpatient programs can take several months to complete. Effective addiction treatment programs are the best and require a lot of patience for one to achieve the best results and recovery.
  4. Inpatient or Residential Treatment Programs – Inpatient treatment programs are also known as residential programs. These programs are at times funded by the government and are also available in private centers for addiction treatment. The residential treatment programs are usually made available to cater to those suffering from severe cases of substance abuse. In these programs, patients get to stay within the treatment facility for the period they receive treatment. This allows them to be supervised closely by the medical practitioners in the treatment centers. Inpatient treatment programs can run for several months to a few years if the case is severe. Patients usually are moved to other departments in the treatment facilities once they have experienced improvements for them to deal with other issues that relate to their treatment.
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